IWR Planning Suite Summary of Capabilities

The system will formulate alternative combinations of solutions and compare their effects on up to ten user specified decision parameters. Derived parameters can be defined that are weighted combinations of other decision parameters. Constraints can be set, specifying minimum and maximum acceptable values for each decision variable. IWR Planning Suite’s sensitivity module allows sensitivity analysis to be performed on decision variable estimates. Plans of interest can be identified and displayed throughout the analyses regardless of their cost effectiveness.

Multiple scenarios can be examined from a single set of input data. Scenarios may differ as to what decision variables are included in the cost effectiveness analyses, what solutions are included, what sensitivity values are used, what groups of constraints are applied, and what plans of interest are included. The results from different scenarios can be compared through IWR Planning Suite's multiple scenario comparison module.

A variety of graphing and reporting options are available. All graphs and data in an IWR Planning Suite file are directly exportable to a range of other programs to assist with reporting. IWR Planning Suite also comes with an on-screen help system which provides instructions for all forms and functions in the programs.

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